Pickwick Gardens Redevelopment

 From birthday parties to first dates, Pickwick Gardens holds countless memories for generations of Burbank area families.

These memories are shared by longtime owners and operators, the Stavert family.

But changing times and interests have made the Pickwick no longer the social hub it once was.

Looking to the future, the Staverts have started a process to determine the best options for their legacy property.

“This is an emotional time for my family. The Pickwick has been our cornerstone, as it has been a place of nostalgia for many of you. I am convinced that we can work toward a plan that is compatible with the neighborhood and protects my family’s long-term investment.”
— Ron Stavert, family owner and CEO of Pickwick Gardens
 Read the Stavert Family's   Letter to the Community  .

Read the Stavert Family's Letter to the Community.