Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


What are the redevelopment goals for the Pickwick?

  • Create a more cohesive residential community for future generations while preserving the character of the Rancho.
  • Enhance property values by removing properties that could become blighted if not thoughtfully planned and integrated into the community.
  • Improve parkways that continue the Riverside Drive streetscape.
  • Improve the gateway into the Rancho.

Why the change in use?

  • The Pickwick reflects a business model that worked in the past, but lacks resonance with today’s consumer.
  • Since 2008, revenues at The Pickwick have declined or remained flat while costs have increased severely limiting the funds needed to upgrade and maintain a facility now suffering from aging infrastructure and antiquated equipment.
  • The Stavert family wants to be proactive in evaluating land use options that improve the Rancho.

What is the project’s current land use?

  • Under the City of Burbank’s General Plan, the site’s Land Use Designation is Rancho Commercial with a Zoning Designation of Commercial Recreation (CR), which is intended for recreational uses for commercial purposes.
  • The Pickwick site is the only property within the City of Burbank with this land use designation.
  • The current permitted and conditional uses of Commercial Recreation zoning include (but not limited to): Amusement Enterprise, Archery Range, Dance or Meeting Hall, Ice Rink, Bowling, Boat Dealer, Fire Station, Golf, Shooting Range, and Night Club.
  • Any modification or change in the existing use will require a Planned Development Permit.

Where are we in the process?

  • Seeking community input from residents and stakeholders.
  • Over the past year, we have voluntarily met with neighbors and members of the Burbank community to listen to their thoughts, views and concerns with regard to redevelopment of the Pickwick.

Where is your proposal in the city review process?

  • There is no application pending with the City of Burbank.

Why not propose commercial uses?

  • The key components to successful retail are location, the demographics to support the product and strong marketing/branding. When all three align, a retail user has a greater opportunity for success.
  • The corner of Main and Riverside drive is not located on a commercial corridor that would support the demand needed to maintain viable and sustainable commercial uses.
  • Equally important, commercial development is not in character with what exists on Riverside Drive.
  • Additionally, commercial uses generate approximately 50% more traffic (average daily trips) than residential uses.
  • The Rancho already has a viable commercial center on Alameda.

What about any environmental impacts from the proposed project?

  • We cannot evaluate potential environmental impacts without the City initiating a General Plan Amendment.
  • Should a General Plan Amendment be initiated, the project will have to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The City will develop a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) as part of a General Plan amendment and other discretionary approvals.
  • EIR review is a city-led public process with multiple opportunities for community input and comment.

How will your proposed project impact traffic?

  • As part of the EIR process, the project will be required to evaluate existing, interim and buildout traffic impacts related to the change in use.

How will you mitigate construction impacts?

  • We will abide by the City’s strict standards to mitigate construction impacts, including restricted hours and specific requirements to reduce noise and dust. 
  • Our goal is to be a good neighbor both during construction and after. 

How will your proposed project impact the horse community?

  • The proposed project incorporates an off-street, multi-use trail with generous landscape buffers where there is currently a standard sidewalk and parking lot.
  • Any plan shall also evaluate safe zones for horses at the intersection of Main and Riverside.

How will your proposed project impact my property value?

  • Development of underutilized or blighted land will increase the surrounding land value.

What will the new buildings look like?

  • At present, our focus is on developing a site plan and scale of development that ties into the existing community fabric and improves the Rancho’s gateway (the corner of Riverside and Main).

What is the timeline for development?

  • At present, there is no timeline for the project.
  • Once a decision is made to formally file with the City of Burbank, we anticipate that the environmental review process will take time (years not months).
  • During that time, we look forward to engaging in an open, participatory process with Rancho and Burbank residents.



What is the total number of units (all types) that are included in the project?

  • Our most current concept has 286 apartments and 28 townhomes with a density of 37 dwelling units per acre.
  • Two to three story townhomes would line Riverside Drive, with front porches facing Riverside along an enhanced Riverside Drive Parkway.
  • The apartments would be toward the back of the property behind the townhomes, having a four-story elevation with substantive landscape buffers.

How many are owner/occupied versus rentals?

  • The apartments would be rentals, with the townhomes would be for-sale.

How many bedrooms/bathrooms?

  • We are only at a preliminary conceptual phase. There are no floor plans for the apartments or townhomes.
  • We would anticipate apartments would be comprised of mostly one and two bedrooms.
  • The townhomes would be comparable to those in the current market.

What is the Residential density adjacent to Pickwick?

  • Riverside Drive west of the property: 1200 Riverside Drive Apartments is approximately 67 units per acre.
  • Across the Street: range of density from 15 to 20 units per acre.

What amenities will the apartments have?

  • To create and maintain a high-quality apartment community, it is important to have a variety of amenities.
  • Standard amenities include a club room, business hub, fitness center, pool and spa, outdoor kitchen and barbecue areas.
  • Recent trends include outdoor quiet zones, and courtyards equipped with Wi-Fi for working al fresco.

Where will residents park?

  • Apartment residents and their visitors will park in an on-site parking structure that is wrapped by the units, minimizing the visual and audible impacts to Rancho residents.
  • Townhome residents would have parking garages and on-site visitor parking.
  • Parking will be secured and monitored as part of our standard property management operations.

What types of people will live in the apartments?

  • Based on a survey of Shea Properties-managed apartment communities, an average occupancy of 3-years, with 15% setting down roots for over five-years.
  • Apartment residents are potential future home buyers in Burbank.

Are you including affordable units in your proposal?

  • We will work with the City as part of the General Plan process to determine the affordability need and application of the City’s inclusionary housing ordinance.

Will noise from the apartments be an issue?

  • Project landscaping and significant setbacks will provide a visual and auditory buffer from the project’s residents and any adjacent uses or equestrians using the trail system.



Why does Viva have to go?

  • The objective is to improve upon the existing commercial/restaurant use.
  • That said, the existing building could be updated or improved and continue to be a place for the community to eat and drink within a music venue.