The Issue

About Pickwick Gardens

    The 8.5-acre Pickwick Gardens Redevelopment site is located on the northwest corner of Riverside Drive and Main Street in Burbank’s Rancho neighborhood. It is bordered by neighborhood commercial, multi-family residential, a school, a church and rehabilitation facility. Just south of the property is the Los Angeles County Equestrian Center.

    The Pickwick has been owned for more than 60 years by the Stavert family. It is currently a recreation, on-site catering, and meeting facility that includes the following: 

    • Banquet and Conference Center
    • Ice Skating Rink
    • Bowling Alley
    • Gardens
    • Surface Parking

    No Longer a Viable Business Model

    • Bowling and ice skating, once popular hobbies, have seen sharp declines consistent with national trends.
    • Changes in the events industry, along with competition from newer facilities, have slowed Pickwick’s convention and meeting business by nearly 40% from 2007, a downward trend that's expected to continue.
    • Steep operating costs from outdated facilities and inefficient systems further hurt the Pickwick's viability.
    • Parts for the aging ice rink are no longer available, leaving the attraction one instance away from permanent closure. Recently, the rink was closed for almost a month for repairs.
    • Increased labor and insurance costs have and will continue to burden Pickwick's ability to thrive.
    • Given the restrictive zoning of the property, the only viable business options are to expand the line-up of special events, live music festivals, and after hours night club.

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                  Read the Stavert's   Letter to the Community  .

                 Read the Stavert's Letter to the Community.